The power of being unqualified

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Somewhere around 1925 a young woman walked into a youth group meeting.  No one knows what the message was or probably who gave the message but whatever it was, it was enough that the young women came back the next week and the weeks that followed.  What she learned in that youth group gave her an interest in the suffering of the people around the world and a desire to do something about it.  Seventy-two years later, that young women would die a Nobel peace prize winner, known as one of the most compassionate, loving, driven, Christ-like people to ever walk the face of the earth.  Her name was Mother Theresa.

How does a five foot tall nun make such an impact on the world around her, that her name becomes known by all, and her work is  felt long after her death.  She didn’t have a fancy degree from Harvard or Yale, she didn’t study under a great biblical scholar or theologian, she didn’t build a resume filled with positions at the greatest institutions.  All she did was say yes to God’s calling in her life.  She called it the “call within the call”.  God called her to be a nun and then he called her serve the poor in Calcutta India and she said yes.

God doesn’t often call the most talented, most gifted, most equipped to carry out His work.  It is often the least talented, least gifted, least likely and least equipped that he calls and when He calls them, He equips them.

Jesus could have picked the cream of the crop.  Pharisees, Priests, Scholars, teachers, and astrologers, but he chose fisherman, and a tax collector.  He chose the unequipped and he equipped them.  He equipped them to be the foundation of the church.

When God calls us to do things that we are unequipped to do, we are forced to depend on Him and not on our own understanding. Depending on our own ability and our own understanding ensures that we can only achieve what is within our human ability to achieve but accepting God’s call in our life places us in position to do things that seem impossible, but most importantly, it gives us an opportunity to glorify Him and do amazing things through Him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

For Christians we should never ask if we are qualified, we should only ask if we are called.  If we only answer the calls in our life in which we feel qualified we will never grow beyond our own capabilities.  If we don’t answer calls that require our dependance on God, we will never truly find ourselves in a position to depend on God and that is a true tragedy of faith.  When we do answer the calls that seem impossible, God will do things in our life and through our life that are beyond explanation.



2 responses to The power of being unqualified

  1. Kathryn McKinney October 21, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Mark, I love to listen to you. Your words always strike a chord and stir the heart. I appreciate you.

  2. How do you recognize the call? Since my father passed I have this strong need to want to reach out the the organization he was involved in to help. Is it just me needing to still look for my dad’s approval, recognition or is it Our Higher Power calling? How do we recognize the call?

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