The Road Less Traveled

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


The funny thing about the road less traveled is that by nature it is a lot less clear and certain.  The road less traveled is usually overgrown, not clearly marked and because of that, a little more dangerous.  This is where my wife and I find ourselves at this moment, in transition and a bit uncertain of our future.

We have found ourselves on our knees, seeking God more over the past few months then at any other point in our life together.  Over the past few months we have been feeling God calling us away from the church that we have served and loved for the past sixteen years.  Early on it was a whisper but as time went on God’s voice became more and more clear until we simply knew we had to leave.  Even with the certainty that God was telling us it was time to go, it wasn’t an easy decision.  So many years connected to the same church community means deep roots and lots of memories not just for Christina and I but for our children too.  So, what do you do when God says step into uncertainty and take a risk?  What do you do when God places two paths in front of you, one is familiar and comfortable and one is “less traveled” and well…uncertain? What do you do when God speaks clearly into your life and tells you to do something that goes against what seems rational to most observers?

It is one of my greatest desires that Christina and I will always choose to follow God, even on the road less traveled, even when it is scary, even when it is uncomfortable and uncertain.  I want to see God move in a huge way.  I want to see the miracles of my faith play out in front of my eyes. I want to see the the people in the homes around me turn to God in the same magnitude that the church of Acts saw, and I believe with all my heart that this will happen.  I believe that revival is coming, but most importantly I believe that God is faithful and so…when faced with the decision to follow the comfortable, familiar well worn road, or the overgrown, less familiar and more dangerous road that God has called us down, Christina and I choose to follow God.

This is a time of great transition for my family.  We share this transition with three other amazing families who are also traveling the road less traveled with us.  We come from very different backgrounds and God has given us all very different gifts, but we have one very important thing in common.  We all want to see God move here in our community in a way that can only be explained by His work and HIs presence for His glory.

I have no doubt that the community that we live in is on the cusp of seeing an amazing movement of God,  I also believe that just like the disciples who answered Jesus in obedience when he said “Come, follow me”, we are in for one incredible ride.






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