50 Shades of Deception

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There has been so much buzz and discussion about the release of the movie 50 shades of grey.  I have seen commercial after commercial, pop up ads on the Internet, Facebook posts, blog posts, and just general conversation.  I have seen this from both sides of the argument.  The “don’t go see this movie” to the “Get over it and stop being a prude”.  The truth is that regardless of the arguments this movie will make millions of dollars, it will line the pockets of the actors, the director and the studio executives.  The truth is that millions of women, and men will hand over their hard earned cash to be a voyeur into a fantasy world full of sex and domination.  The truth is that many of these men and women are christians and as a man, husband, father and pastor, this breaks my heart.

This morning, via text I was having a discussion with a friend who had written a blog about the dangers of the 50 shades of Grey movie.  I was complimenting him on how great the post is, and it is, you should read it. Instead of Seeing 50 Shades of Grey, She stayed home with her husband and YOU KNOW what happened next!  I sent him this text.

“As a father with two daughters and no sons, I don’t have to worry about raising a child to actively honor woman, I have to worry about raising daughters who demand to BE honored and that is tough”.

That’s kind of where the heaviness of this movie rests for me in a personal way.  My daughters mean the world to me.  They are among the most treasured gifts that God has given to me.  They are beautiful inside and out, intelligent, caring, loving, God honoring young women who deserve to be treated like the daughter of God that they are.  As Augustine said “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us” and I believe that with all my heart.  That’s how I love my girls.  I am unapologetically protective of them and unashamedly, just a touch overprotective, but my desire for their life is that they know God, know that God loves them and that their life is valuable beyond measure. The idea that a man would treat them as other then a jewel to be treasured, other then a daughter of the King of Kings sparks a rage in me.

50 shades of Grey is sanctioned, mainstream pornography.  It sets a precedent for the line to be pushed further and further away from decent and honorable.  It takes the beautiful, intimate, loving, selfless act of sex and makes it an ugly, callous, selfish act where the women is an object of pleasure and not a gift of God to be cherished and desired.  A gift to be cherished and desired because of who she is, cherished and desired in her entire body, mind and spirit, cherished and desired because she is the daughter of a father and mother who love her deeply, but even more importantly because she is the daughter of an unfathomably loving and passionate God who created her for His purpose, not yours.

Ladies, do not defile yourself or your marriage by watching this movie as if it is entertainment.  Do not undervalue who you are.  Understand that God created you to be a mighty woman of God, a women to be cherished, an adopted daughter of the King of the universe, a princess, and a precious life with purpose and immeasurable worth.  If you are married you have an enormous responsibility to the vow that you made to God and your spouse on your marriage day.

Proverbs 12:4 says “A wise women builds her home, but with her own hands a foolish women tears her’s down”.

Cheapening intimacy will tear down your home.  It will weaken your marriage; it will diminish your self worth.

This Valentine’s Day take the price of the movie ticket, a large popcorn and soda and invest into strengthening your marriage, not weakening it.  Invest it into reality that you are a strong and adored daughter of God and not an object of indulgence and gratification.  Invest into the truth that your value is immeasurable, your worth is great, and you are simply much better then a storyline in some movie about cheap sex.  The woman in fifty shades is not a woman to be admired, she is a woman to grieved.  She is a woman who has given away her value and worth in search of carnal pleasure, acceptance and a perverted view of submission.  She is better then that, you are better then that.



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